AVL Logs

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10/05: Experimental bottom for recording (red) light in StreamDeck… this could allow letting other areas of the building know we’re live.

10/18: Children’s moment VMIX angle has an animated background now, for more intentional use, and better segment identification.

10/18: Children’s Camera 2 angle has been slightly adjusted for better framing.

10/18: Praise band- lower third VMIX angle has been updated with a longer video! Feel free to use it during songs.

10/18: Renamed VMix INPUTS, aka ‘ angles’.

11/05: Children’s moment VMIX angle has been adjusted: camera 2 sizing has been enlarged.

11/19: Updated Thumbnails in StreamDeck 'Cameras Presets'

11/19: Added a Baptism Preset (#13) in PTZOptics App

11/19: PTZOptics App has hidden presets: Settings>Preset Setting

11/26: Added New CONTROLLER (Stream Deck XL) for Presets

11/26: Added lower thirds subtitles for songs (instead of showing screen)

11/26: Adjusted all Camera 1 angles

11/26: Added 4 new 'PEOPLE' presets on Camera 2 to be used during the greeting.

11/26: Added a new BAND preset on Camera 2 for small group of musicians

11/26: PIANO, GUITAR and VOCALS presets on Camera 2 are fully functional

11/26: Added a new CANDLES preset on Camera 2 for the Reading of the Advent Candles

11/26: Added a Focus Lock/Unlock button for Camera 2. This allows to help with 'hunting focus' problems.

12/1: Adjusted Children's over the Shoulder. Now it's better balanced and bigger.

12/1: Created a Camera 2 Over the Shoulder. To be used during sermon or speaker time, use this as an alternative to Camera 1 Over the Shoulder.

12/1: Reactivated BAND, since we won't have a 'remote singer'. The old angles are found in EXTRAS.

12/1: Adjusted PTZ VOCALS to be used during songs.

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Camera 1

CLOSE: Has preacher in frame (notice minimum head room). This is good for when he's centered or moving.

CLOSE w/ Over the Shoulder: close up on preacher but tight on the sides.

MID: best for a wider view of the center stage, preacher full body is visible as well as other added participants.

MID w/ Over the Shoulder: wider sides on preacher.

MIDWIDE: focus on the full stage, musicians, participants, pastor.

MIDWIDE w/Over the Shoulder: wider but centered view of preacher and center sanctuary.

WIDE: Widest view of the Sanctuary, best for capturing atmosphere of congregation too.

WIDE w/Over the Shoulder: good and tight view of the sanctuary, with possible attendees.

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10/05: All lights (LightKey) switches are available and should be operated in Proclaim