Livestreaming protocols

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“Perfection has to do with the end product, but excellence has to do with the process.” Those who partake in media watching in our culture (which is everyone), have come to experience, and expect uniform and customary production excellence from everything they watch and listen. We love programs and presentations where every supporting form of media (sound, light, video) is “invisible” to detection of any errors.

Enter the Covid church world and fast-forward into brand new, mysterious technology. Add into that mix an immediate on-the-job training of servants who are suddenly going “live” on a warp-speed learning curve to catch up to the commonplace practices found in culture. Yikes! That’s a scary mix right there.

But wait, we’re not done. Now add the layers of mixed internet service throughout Whidbey Island, add the frustrating gauntlet of people (like me) who struggle with knowing how to do even basic things on finding and enjoying a Livestream service, or who have dated, old and ineffective equipment that is unreliable. Add all of this together, and it can cause many to give up in frustration.

We want you to know that we are committed to excellence while understanding the advantages and limitations of technology. We hope you will know in this testy season of rapid and difficult adjustment that we are learning (and future-correcting) from every glitch and error that arises.

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We know about OUR technical difficulties before you do. We are at work immediately to troubleshoot and solve these problems. We will be proactive about communicating with you, but you can always expect a better copy of the service at the same channels within hours of ending the live event.

We don’t know, and can’t know, about YOUR technical difficulties that you experience because of your equipment, provider, etc.; BUT we would love to help you solve these issues, between services, and find the best ways for you to experience virtuality.

There are five kinds of technical difficulties. Most are not about the most recent equipment upgrades. They tend to mostly be about service provider issues, network overloading, human errors, and (of course) the ever infamous, mysterious, unknown “Technology Gremlins!” Some technical problems are very easily and quickly solved. Others are completely out of our hands (regardless of new or old equipment).

We are committed to receiving FEEDBACK AND SUGGESTIONS
  • We welcome suggestions at the appropriate time. Real-time feedback (info about the product/experience – “it’s too dark, too light, not enough sound, picture is unfocused) isn’t as useful since we usually are already aware of it. What does help is reflective thoughts and constructive proposals after the service.
  • For suggestions and technical support (help with any individual challenges you face) please use these avenues:
  • Direct message (icon found on both the website and Facebook)
  • Pastor David and Sebastian are open to receiving emails, calls or in-person conversations about our digital, live-stream ministry.
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We are committed to EXCELLENCE
  • We have a thorough pre-service check list for testing and ensuring optimum operation at the green light of live-stream. We will not run a “fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants” operation. Yet, technology is still powerful and unpredictable.
  • We have two on-site operators dedicated to the live-streams. They are seeing what you see in real time, and giving the rest of the team instant feedback for troubleshooting. Some things take some time to address, such as re-booting a computer.
  • Our main purpose is helping you experience excellence in worship through the best of our capabilities and abilities, which at times will be imperfect.

We are committed to not using SOCIAL MEDIA as a feedback and analysis channel
  • We encourage you to use the chat or comment boxes to relationally connect, inspire and positively impact other followers.
  • Chat or comment boxes are also a great space to publicly declare and express how God is speaking to you. #beboldaboutchrist
  • Too many comments or emojis expressing negative frustrations only fuels disappointment and furthers a discontent spirit in troubled times.

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Thank you for your understanding, for staying with us and helping us continue to be effective sharing God’s message. Partnering Together for a Better Future!
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