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The Down side of Christmas


Andy Williams made popular his Christmas classic back in 1963, “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!” Culture wants us to believe that and works hard to market happiness and feel-good sensations throughout this month of December.

The truth is, according to the people at, 48% of Americans are “Dreading the Holidays” and 13% are “still paying off last year’s spending.” Yikes! That is a recipe for discouragement, an entrapped cycle, depression, and despair. Three cheers for the holidays!

The people at YouTube channel WildAC have put together a brief introduction to the cultural crisis of why people get depressed at Christmas, the most “magical” time of the year. The truth is, when you add the culturally normalized behavior of enlarged consumer expenditure, to expected (or hoped for) family gathers, and to reflections on changing experiences as we journey through life, DISAPPOINTMENT is surely right around the corner, ready to remind us that “Christmas” is not all that it is promoted to be!

Christmas is a celebration of HOPE, not a celebration of HAPPINESS. May we focus on Jesus and hope as we journey through this Advent Season.


In Wonder of God’s Grace!

Pastor David